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A New Year… And a Bit of News
Though this blog is mostly comprised of snapshots of our new life on a small farm, the title, Dream Giver’s Dream, is all encompassing and open-ended enough to allow me to write about whatever adventure God is leading us in to. In fact, it originally began as a place to chronicle our adoption of Rosalie and has evolved into what it currently is (the chronicling of me dumping olive oil down my chicken’s vent, etc). At some point, I may write about homeschooling or traveling with our kids. (I’m sure that will sound more appealing someday, right?) But today, I’m taking it back to it’s roots. 

Today I want to share that the future snapshots of farm life on this blog will include this sweet face… 

… because this little guy is going to be a Williams! We are excited to welcome Graham Jeffrey into our family and praise God for His guidance and timing in matching this precious boy with us. (Does anyone else just want to kiss and pinch those irresistible cheeks??) Graham will be two in May, so he is 13 months younger than Rosalie. We suspect Rosie will be a very “attentive” big sister and that she will enjoy running his life for him. (Have I mentioned what a firecracker she is?) 

We are hoping to travel to China in May or June to bring Graham home. It is very hard to wait, knowing that he is in an orphanage and all that stands between us is paperwork. But there is just no rushing the process, and no, we did not get to re-use anything from last time. While I would jump on a plane and bring him home tomorrow if allowed, we certainly won’t be twiddling our thumbs the next few months. We are adding two bedrooms and a bathroom in our basement and figuring out if we can retro-fit my car to accommodate an additional passenger, as it is currently at capacity. Between that, finishing out our homeschool year, and planting my garden this spring, I’m praying that the time will pass quickly. 

I’m also praying that Graham is well loved and cared for in the interim, until I can wrap my Mommy arms around him. While the orphanages do not allow care packages, we were able to send him a talking photo album of our family. The kids enjoyed helping to put it together. And hopefully we won’t seem complete strangers when we meet for the first time. 

Hang on little buddy, we’re coming for you!


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